The Places We Can Go

The Places We Can Go

Travel With Corner Wines and World Wine Destinations

Travel With Corner Wines and World Wine Destinations

Our personalized wine travel and exclusive wine tasting itineraries create an immersive adventure of wine, food, and people in the world’s most renowned wine producing regions.  We will introduce you to the wine makers and vineyard owners who make and market their wines around the world.  Over the years our wine travels have led our guests on an array of extraordinary wine tasting sojourns through Argentina, Chile, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy and California and Oregon.

Each region we visit features a range of traditional and newer wineries with unique, signature wines and cuisine.  We visit the hidden gems in lands of breathtaking beauty, each resplendent in a rich tapestry of people, tradition and history.

Our groups are intimate – fewer than 22 guests – allowing us to arrange distinctive activities and plenty of free time.

Visit our partner World Wine Destinations for detailed information.

Our Upcoming Trip

South Africa Trip

We are excited about our upcoming wine trip to South Africa beginning March 20, 2019.  This will be our first trip to this wine region.  We will spend time at wineries as we travel around the Capetown areas.

The complete itinerary will be on our partner website: World Wine Destinations.

Trip to France

Our fall trip for 2019 will be Burgundy and the Rhone Valley of France.  We spend most of our time at wineries around Burgundy and Rhone with some sightseeing excursions.

The estimated dates are early September 2019

Once we complete the itinerary and have more facts about the trip the information will be on our partner website: www.WorldWineDestinations