Decero Wine Tasting


Decero Wine Tasting

Help us again welcome Stephanie Morton-Small, Chief, Commercial Officer of the Winery and a long time good friend to Corner Wines and our South America travelers.  Stephanie will be pouring a line of Decero’s award winning  wines made by winemaker Tomas Hughes.

Finca-Decero-Argentina-after-a-Summer-snowfall   Photo Tour

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Decero Wine Tasting – Meet Stephanie Morton Small from the Winery.

About the Winery:

Finca Decero, once a bare patch of soil in the Argentine foothills of the Andes, is now their one-of-a-kind vineyard, where each vine is nurtured by hand and our winemaking is without compromise. As Decero means – ‘from scratch’, they are fortunate to be free from constraints of tradition, and have developed an ‘amano’ or ‘by hand’ approach that is human, sustainable and sensitive to natural differences. They try to tread lightly in an environment that they have come to know intimately, almost inch by inch. Only in this way can the unique natural attributes of the Remolinos Vineyard, and of Agrelo, shine through in their single vineyard wines,
handcrafted from scratch.