Decero Wine Tasting

We are always thrilled to have Stephanie Morton-Small of Decero Winery to visit Corner Wines.  On this visit Stephanie will be introducing new wines from Decero.  Plan to attend and have a fun evening.

Location:  Corner Wines, 4017 Preston Rd., Ste 535  Plano, TX

Date:  January 9, 2018 from 6:30 to 8:30

Cost:  $15


Insulated Disco Ball Tumbler in Rose

Disco Ball Drink Cup in Rose Color

Back by popular demand is the cheeky little disco ball drink cup.

Cute at the pool, little girl’s party or big girls, travel in the car or just for fun. This fun tumbler has a removable lid to easily fill with your favorite drink.  All your friends will ant one too.  They come in Rose or Silver color tumblers. 

Our Favorite Blogs

We’ve selected one of our favorite local wine blogs for whom wine is a passion. Texas Wineaux takes you on a journey and exploration of a wide variety of wines.

Each wine blog is a direct feed into our blog page. Opinions are their own, and are posted here without edit or further refinement.